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Don’t ache, shimmy and shake!

Thurs Class

Bellydance classes are lots of fun and good for your health. Whether your goal is to exercise, perform or have a change of pace and bond with other woman, Belly Dance is perfect for you. Woman of all ages, sizes and shapes benefit. You will to be in touch with muscles including those you didn’t know you had. You will walk taller. be more poised and find better balance. Belly Dance sculpts the body and creates a positive image. You will be a more beasutiful woman. Classes consist of stretching exercises, warm-up and detailed instruction in posture, proper positioning and precise moves. You will learn choreography as a way to blend moves and improvisation as an outlet of your creative centers of heart and soul. Come join us! Great Fun, All classes are semi-private.

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Beginners Monday Class 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Beginners Wednesday Class 6:30 to 7:30 PM

Jun- July Classes

4 lesson class Card good for 45 days

8 lesson class Card good for 90 Days

Belly Dance Lessons


Learn the beautiful art of Belly Dance. Belly dance Lessons are fun and reasonable.   Naj has 20 years experience teaching Belly Dance and Modern Dance.  She makes learning fun.

You will learn lots of tricks to make improve your balance, straighten your posture and strengthen your body while learning hip circles, veil moves, graceful arms and hands, hip bumps, shimmies and more.  You will learn a fun and easy to follow routine to show you how to put it all together.

All classes  are  small consisting of 3 to 5 students so that you can get the most out of your one hour class.     Various times are available.    Currently looking for students for our Thursday beginner class.   Other classes starting soon.  (Please let us know if you are looking for a particular day or  time of day.

Classes are held in my home studio near Cactus Road and Cave Creek Road  (Zip Code 85020)

$12 per belly dance lesson

Special  4 lesson class card for $40  and get a free 3 yard chiffon veil

I’m Back

Lost my whole BellydanceAZ website. Finally, got past the disappointment and started rebuilding, today. Hope will come back and watch the progress. For lessons, please call me I will be glad to work with you and help make you more beautiful!

Beginner Classes: Starting soon
Time: I hour and 10 min
Time and Place: TBA
Please call 602 -997-5132 to register or for info